9.3 Add tag - based on variation product

[This is a premium feature]

We know that when someone purchases a product, the tag we add to the following section will be added to that contact.

Let us add a tag for a specific variation of a purchased product. In WordPress Admin Panel, go to Products -> All Products & click on Edit for a random product. Now in Product Data tab, add a few attributes e.g. size, color etc. Now, say, there is a variation with Large size & White color. Expand it from variations tab inside Product Data, scroll down to the bottom & click on the Variation Tag dropdown & select the white tag similar to the value of the color.

If all the changes are saved, the product of that specific variation is added to cart, the order is placed i.e. the product is purchased by the user & eventually the profile page of the specific user is reloaded in the Go High Level CRM, the newly added tag will be displayed here as well.

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