5.5 Create a workflow to control membership tags

As we described earlier, when a membership with a tag is created, actually four tags are created including payment failure, suspension & cancellation tags. Let us check how we can set a payment failure tag when a payment during a subscription is failed.

In our workflow, we've two triggers. One trigger is for Successful Payment and another is for Payment Failure.

Here a Condition is set for when the Workflow Trigger is either Payment Success or Payment Failed.

Suppose, a membership is created with a name membership & a tag membership. Hence, membership_payf, membership_susp & membership_canc will also be created. When the payment is successful, we will add the membership tag & remove the three tags membership_payf, membership_susp & membership_canc.

If the payment is failed, the membership_payf tag will be added. This tag will remove access to the membership of that contact.

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