5.3 Create membership

Let's create a membership. To do this, go to Membership -> Create New Membership as follows. Let's create it with an existing tag in the location.

If the tags level_1_payf, level_1_susp & level_1_canc tags are already available in the location, they will be just connected. But if the tags are not already available in the location, those three tags will be created along with level_1 tag.

Now create a new membership with a new tag with the name a_new_membership. First, check the tag from the Go High Level -> Settings -> Tags.

Now let us check it from Settings -> Tags in Go High Level. a_new_membership tag is created along with a cancellation tag, a payment failure tag & a suspension tag.

Now if I create a new or edit an existing post or page, and if I select the checkbox of a membership (in the following image), the post or the page will be accessible to the membership.

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