3.3 WooCommerce Purchase Trigger

When a customer purchases a product or places an order from WordPress E-commerce, LeadConnector Wizard can send the data related to that purchase or order to high level.

To set a trigger when this data will be sent to high level, WooCommerce Plugin is required. You will see it if you go to LC Wizard -> Options -> Trigger will be fired when the WooCommerce order status is. Please install & activate WooCommerce in your WordPress dashboard.

By default, when someone places an order, the order status is Processing & the purchased data will be sent to high level. But you can update it in the following options. For a successful purchase, the order status is Completed.

Now, in a successful purchase i.e. if the order status is Completed, we can add a tag & workflow when we add a product. To achieve it, Go to New -> Product or Products -> Add New from the dashboard first.

Then if you add tags, the tag will be added to the contact, and if you add workflow, the contact will be added to the workflow as follows.

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